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Velocity By Vivid Pyro



For gardens up to 25 metres requiring a minimum of 8 metres safety distance. No less than 8m


Velocity is a 4 cake, 224 shot compound from Vivid Pyrotechnics firing a mix of colour, effects and noise at a great pace and with each cake already linked, you only have to light one fuse! Starting with rapid machine gun shots of gold coconuts with red, blue, yellow and purple with glittering stars adding another dimension. Further rapid firing gold kamuro with red, blue and green stars before an eruption of more gold with blinking stars of red, green, orange. Gold brocades follow with an intensity that fills the sky with gold and colour. Just when you think it’s all over, rows of coloured stars to crackling flowers erupt before a finale of whistle, ti-flower and crackling. Velocity is an apt name for this fast paced firework.

Velocity By Vivid Pyro

£135.99 Regular Price
£120.00Sale Price
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