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 The UK has been followed the British Standard BS7114 for many years, we now have to move over to European Standard EN 15947.  


CE marking is a Mandatory Conformity Mark for products placed on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA).


The primary aim of CE marking is to facilitate free trade of products within the EU by reducing the effect of the physical borders between the Member States.


A secondary, though by no means less important aim, is the harmonisation across the EU of the legal requirements for safety, health and the environment.


CE marking confirms a Notified Body (NB) has tested and approves that the product conforms to the relevant European Standard and meets Essential Safety Requirements; (ESRs), along with applicable EC Directives. 


For fireworks, DIRECTIVE 2007/23/EC was introduced and all fireworks in Categories 1, 2 and 3 should conform to the provisions.


A European Standard (EN15947) has been prepared to provide a means of ensuring that all fireworks conform to the essential requirements of Directive 2007/23/EC readiness of this transition Tapps Fireworks has fully introduce a range of fireworks that comply with the European Standard.


CE categories Cat 1 Indoor Fireworks & Cat 2 Minimum safety distance of 8 metres (max Net Explosive Content 500g) & Cat 3 Minimum safety distance of 25 metres (max Net Explosive Content 1000g) & BS Fireworks will no longer be legal for sale after June 2017 

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