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Larger Garden 25 Metre safety Distance 

Setting off your fireworks in the right place

can make the all the difference to your display and ensure the spectators are kept safe.

So whether your display is a huge public event or a small bash in the back garden, preparation is essential.

You need to ensure the site is suitable for the fireworks you intend letting off.



As entertaining as they are, fireworks are still explosives and need a suitable safety distance between them and spectators. for Category 3 this is 25 metres 

The purpose of a good venue is to ensure this minimum distance is met, with extra margin for error where possible. The resulting area between the front line spectators and the first fireworks is called the safety zone.

If you’re very new to fireworks, you may not appreciate that another safety distance is required on the other side of the fireworks – for the fall out. 

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