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Grounds For Divorce & Free Battalion Rockets


For gardens 25 metres and up requiring a minimum of 25 metres safety distance.No less than 25m


By law we cannot sell this product to anyone under the age of 18.

This Compound Firework contains 2 x 100 Shot stunning finale fireworks, pre-fused to provide an amazing display in a box! Featuring dazzling red glitter & blue star lift mines to colossal super brocades with both dragon eggs and red strobes, simply awesome! CE & Dual Fused.


Live on the edge with the Battalion Rocket pack, featuring 5 Stunning Rockets with 5 stunning effects. These Rockets are truly exceptional and are designed to produce maximum impact. Can you handle them!

Grounds For Divorce & Free Battalion Rockets

£179.99 Regular Price
£145.00Sale Price
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