Fireworks Effect Types Coming Soon 

Below you will find a list of the most common effects found in consumer fireworks and professional displays all across the UK.


What is a brocade effect?

Brocades are large, mainly gold in colour Chrysanthemum effect with the added effect of stars with a spider-like appearance in a spherical shape.


What is a Chrysanthemum effect?

The Chrysanthemum effect is a spherical Break with stars tips and a falling leaves effect


What is a comet effect?

Comet effects are mainly used in Roman Candles but can be found in Single ignitions. Either as a main effect of the firework or as a secondary effect that produces a comet-like appearance when fired into the sky with the bright burning ball and leaves a sparkling trail behind the shot.


What is a Crossett effect?

A Crossette effect is a type of star effect a much larger star than the average star effect because crossettes are designed to split into four different stars. Using a cylinder charge with a hole in the midsection that acts as a slow fuse for when fired, the effect ignites the secondary fuse; this courses the separation of the multiple sections to separate in different directions.

Dragon Egg

What is a Dragon egg effect?

A dragon egg is pyrotechnic stars. Usually, a rapid and sky filling effect with loud crackling noise as the shot bursts with illumination were the tiny stars that make up the shot all burst with a slight delay.

Falling Leaves

What is the Falling leaves effect? 

Falling leaves are low noise that consists of a slow-burning composition that burns green, red, purple, blue, yellow, or white. This gives the effect of slow falling stars that gently fall back down to the ground.


What is the fish’s effect?

Fish’s is low noise that consists of a slow-burning composition that burns green, red, purple, blue, yellow but mainly silver or white. It gives the effect is given a small amount of propellant. When ignited, the fish’s are propelled in different directions giving the appearance of fish’s swimming in the night sky.


What is the Fountain effect?

Fountains are a widespread effect and type of firework; the effect is created by the use of a pyrotechnic compound that has been compressed into a cylinder, one end capped off with a clay bung the other end with nozzle this is designed this way that when ignited, the composition of the fountain starts to burn and because of the bung. Nozzle pressure is built up because of the gases and sparks, and flames have to push through the small hole in the nozzle, helping to build the height and duration of the effect.

Horse Tails 

What is a horses tail effect?

A horses tail or mares tail, waterfall effect there sometimes called is a cylinder shot that’s fired into the air when the cylinder burst the contents has a minimal charge the forces the content to eject the horses tail effect pours out one end like golden rain making the shape like a horsetail this is typically a low noise effect that is very pretty.


What is a mine?

A mine effect is a cylinder tube without the leaving charge used to propel the shot high in the sky. without the lift charge. Instead, the shot remains in the tube and detonates, forcing the effects up out of the cylinder.


What is a Multi brake?

a Multi brake is two small pyrotechnic shots combined once fired. The first section burst and launches the secondary effect further up, and that burst a second or two later. usually consists of two different effects


What Is a palm effect?

The palm effect is common in displays and retail pyrotechnics. The effect can be described as a cross between the horsetails effect and brocades. This means you get a similar burst to brocade, but with the added hang time of the horsetails effect, this looks like a palm tree.


What is a peony?

A peony is a spherical coloured ball that lights the sky. This is the most common type of effect in most pyrotechnic displays.


What is the pistil effect?

A pistil effect is a spherical burst similar to the peony break with a minor peony break inside.


What is a ring burst effect?

The ring burst effect is more commonly found in display pyrotechnics but can be found in retail rockets.


What is a strobe effect?

Strobe is a type of star that blinking effect that when used the stars twinkle in the night sky as they rain down.


What are tourbillions?

Tourbillions are a type of star effect that is similar to the fish effect, but this effect is made from little paper tube shapes that spin when lite.


What is the whistle effect?

The whistle effect is a pyrotechnic composition that emits a whistling sound when pressed into a tube and ignited. Whistle mix tends to be very fast.


What is a willow effect?

A Willow effect is similar to the Chrysanthemum effect but less dense. This effect is designed to mimic willow trees branches with the results of a long hang time with its delicate gold trails.